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The Female Orgasm

By | source: Dec 30th, 2010

With a new year right around the corner and this being my last post before that time. I thought I would end the year right and provide you all with the most important infographic I have found to date. An infographic on the female orgasm. I have been holding this one in reserve, not knowing if it was appropriate, but now I figure what the hell. Apparently the female orgasm is not only allusive to men, but to women as well.

To some men and apparently women, the female orgasm may be like spotting a unicorn, you want to believe it exists, yet you have never seen it, making it just a little more unbelievable. For others it’s like Haley’s Comet, only coming around once in a blue moon. On the other side of the spectrum, there are those lucky ones, for who it’s like brushing your teeth, happens everyday; in the morning before work, between meals, before going out, and definitely before bed. For those discouraged and non-believers this infographic should help.

Men, according to this infographic we are just as knowledgeable, if not more so, of the female anatomy, so that excuse is just no good. I think we can thank the internet for this knowledge; porn, for some a learning tool for others a way “to get to know yourself.” Either way it is undeniable that men are watching it and learning from it, although at times forgetting it is not real and having the wrong expectations when it comes to real sex. Remember porn is not real and too much masturbation will make you go blind and grow hair on your knuckles. [via]

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