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The Psychology of Gambling

By | source: Jul 16th, 2012

I write this post being a 22 year old who has yet to take advantage of the ability to gamble. Although I wasn’t of age when I last went to Las Vegas I can definitely say I still enjoyed it. There is no doubt that city is great and has rightfully earned its slogan “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” It’s not hard to see why people get addicted to gambling, you’re around fun people, an awesome environment, oh and ever so often you when a ton of money. Emphasis on ever so often, that still seems a little generous. If it is so hard to win why is that people continue to gamble so often?

Well for one it’s the rush, you are taking a chance and if you lose it’ll suck but if you manage to win, you can win a pretty hefty amount of dough. If you’d like to get all sciency then you can blame dopamine for the exciting and addictive qualities of gambling. Dopamine for those of you who are don’t know is a chemical in your brain which when released causes the sensation of pleasure. Remember all those times you’ve wanted to quit but have almost win and decide to try again because you were so close? Well for that we have our Nucleus Accumbens to blame, being activated by near misses and wins. [via]

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