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This College Major Has The Most Expensive Textbooks

By | source:Here Dec 3rd, 2016

The struggle can be real when you're a college student. As if it isn't enough to balance classes, a social life and career prep, the finances can be worrisome.

Most students experience stress over paying for classes, and textbooks can be killer. Who knew one flimsy book could cost $300? I have not-so-fond memories of wanting to cry while checking out at the student bookstore.

But how does your major affect how much you'll cough up while studying at a university? If you're an education student, I've got some good news for you: Books and supplies should cost you less than $1,000, which is the cheapest out of all the majors on the list. Next up: Computer science students. Books and supplies only cost $1,045, so you're free to spend the leftover money on other things.

On the other side of things, cosmetology students spend $2,029 on supplies, and those studying communications should budget at least $1,670.

If you want to learn more about textbooks and just how much money you spend, check out this infographic. (The average textbook could pay for one month of groceries. Ouch.)


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