About Jerome Key



When he's not chasing after his 2 rugrats, Jerome is looking for fast cars and toiling away on his bike.

Favorite Color:

Most Beloved Possession: Any toy that makes my kid sleep

Drink of Choice: Old Fashioned

Best Superhero: Batman

Jerome's Infographics

Infographic in pixlelated art style showing Dante`s nine circles of hell

Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell

Aug 27,2017 added by 17.4k Education
Infographic shows what is killing bees and how we should prevent that until its too late.

Saving Private Bee

Aug 26,2017 added by 4.5k Education
Infographic showing what Google knows about the average person

What Google Knows About You

Aug 23,2017 added by 17.9k Internet
Infographic showing amazing types of burritos with all recipes and some interesting facts about them

The Ultimate Guide to Burritos

Aug 7,2017 added by 6.7k Food