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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

By | source: Nov 22nd, 2012

Is anyone else terrified of the Black Friday festivities that are about to commence? People turn into selfish, vile entities of greed during the shopping process (I guess that’s why it’s called Black Friday). I decided to attend Black Friday last year just for the fun of it, to see what all the hype was about. And good gosh, I was absolutely horrified. While I was examining a pair of shoes (the last size 7’s I might add) some women came and actually snatched them out my hand! Luckily I was too full of Thanksgiving turkey to really care, but the nerve!! I’m sure any other day this lady wouldn’t dare to have done that, but because it’s Black Friday she suddenly had reason to be rude?!

Therefore, I will never brave Black Friday shopping again. Cyber Monday offers a safer, more civil shopping experience that can be enjoyed from home, local coffee shop, or any other place with internet. Today’s inforaphic offers some interesting stories and information about Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Good luck to all you brave shoppers out there, get those deals and stay strong! [via]

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