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Your Brain on Beer vs. Coffee

By | source: Mar 13th, 2014

Its funny, I’ve never been a fan of coffee. Despite the cringe worthy amounts of sugar and creamer add, the bitter taste just makes me cringe. However, I am most certainly a beer person. In fact, I’m actually a beer snob- and I’m totally okay with that. As much as I love beer, I have never been able to let myself enjoy a brew while working on papers or projects. I always thought it would inhibit my creative process. However, after reading this infographic, I’ll have to make it a point to pop open a cold one to let my creative juices flow! Today’s infographic describes how differently our brains function on American’s favorite beverages: beer and coffee! So if your ever having a mental block, it might be a good idea to enjoy a pint of your favorite beer!  [via]

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