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50 Animal Facts That Are Bizarre And Awe-Inspiring

By | source:Here Dec 17th, 2021

Whether you want to stand out at trivia night or gain insight on your pets, these 50 animal facts will make you think twice about the creatures in nature. Our planet boasts more than 7 million different animal species that have been categorized into 5 different groups.

It seems weird to me that all of these different beings evolved from the sea. I mean, how much has to change for a small unicellular creature to become a huge elephant?! Even though more than 1 million species have been described, experts declared that there are around 8 million species of animals. in my opinion, this only proves that we know pretty much nothing about nature. Nature is a mystery not only to me, but biologists have also said that we know very little about the ins and outs of evolution (beyond Darwin, that is).

Even with all of this variety, most of these species are in danger due to global warming and climate change. In fact, the animal decline report issued by Living Planet in October of 2018 shows that humans have single-handedly decimated animals around 60% in the last 60 years.

The key to preventing even more animals from dying and species from becoming extinct is designing proper institutions and channels to advocate for effective environmental policies. Still not convinced about protecting animals? Maybe these weird animal facts will change your mind!