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8 Things That Can Hurt Your Brand

By | source: Aug 30th, 2014

Your brand is your image. And your image is what helps you make money and keeps business blooming. Your brand is the persona your organization projects to prospective and current clients. Forget about the sales reps you have on staff. Without the right brand or the right pitch, your sales staff is useless. In this infographic, there are eight things that can hurt your brand and are therefore bad for your business.

Every good venture requires planning. Planning and the thoroughness to continue the upkeep necessary to fulfill the brand and client confidence in what you provide. Part of maintaining a healthy business-client relationship is the assurance that what you are providing is the best the client can get for their time and money. Clients demand what they asked for. No matter how big the transaction, people want what is guaranteed. Sustaining confidence in your branding model is crucial to keeping business.

Consistency aside, innovation is critical when it comes to developing a healthy brand. If you aren’t hearing what the people want or what your employees believe is the right way to go, you are losing out on the big picture. Your brand and your company/organization is nothing without the people you aim to reach. Acting without prudence and a lack of transparency are killer when it comes to keeping your brand functioning.

Your reputation is what is going to make you sink or swim. Make your organization stand out in the best way possible and map out your way to success with a great brand. [via]