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A Complete Picture of the Data-Focused IT Decision-Maker

By | source: Jun 12th, 2014

The Data+ Conference uses a holistic view of the Data Industry that invites professionals from various industries who have a common strength and interest, their data. The conference will generate an influential experience that will further the growth of the attendees business/employer by bringing together like-minded individuals who are involved in finance, healthcare, government, education, and more!

This conference will bring together people from many industries who are the ones responsible for the acquisition of IT products and services for their companies. Many of Data+ attendees hold high level positions who are very active in their field. They remain active in the search of finding solutions focused on IT challenges like overcoming the data influx which can delay momentum and overwhelm the process as well as themselves. There is also a focus on innovating ways to prevent the loss of business from technical issues while enhancing the skill of their workers.

The next Data+ Conference is fast approaching! From September 7-9 you can be an attendee of conference themes like Advanced and Predictive Analytics, Big Data Infrastructure and Storage, and Data Protection. Whether your goal is to showcase your organization, boost your sales, network, or to be apart of the mutually educational process of developing the data industry–Data+ will give you exposure to the key decision-makers that will be present. [via]