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Whale Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

By | source:Here Jan 5th, 2020

Who doesn’t like whales? These interesting creatures are much more than meet the eye. There is a lot of surprising information about them that even the biggest whale fans may not know. For instance, did you know that whales can live up to 100 years? Even with this long lifespan, many whale species are still endangered due to poaching and high amounts of ocean pollution like plastic and chemicals.

It’s pretty common knowledge that whales are one of the largest types of animals on earth, but not many people realize just how big they can be. One humpback whale weighs about the same as 600 people. This equals out to them weighing the same as about 22 cars, and they have an appetite to match. Whales can eat as much as 1.5 tons of krill in a day, which is 3,000 pounds! 

Their huge stature doesn’t stop them from performing impressive feats like “the breach”, which is the term for when a whale launches itself out of the water. This is done by two or three slaps of its tail in the water and is quite impressive to see in person. For anyone interested in seeing these magnificent creatures in person, Australia is the best place to visit, because this is where 45 species of whales and dolphins live. Here there are plenty of whale facts to keep you amazed while you book that next whale watching tour!