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America’s Battle With Obesity

By | source: Dec 28th, 2014

The cost of being obese is increasing, and affecting our daily lives. Not just financially, but our health as well. I know this is a fact from personal experience; I am classified as an obese person. It is not something I planned or wished on being. Over the years, inactivity and just plain denial has led to being obese.  A new year is starting and therefore means a renewed effort in my obesity fight. I do not want to live this kind of life, and have promised myself a change.

This infographic shows trends of obesity in children and adults, and some of the steps to fight obesity. One of the startling facts is that one-third of children and more than one-third of adults in the US are obese. What can you do to fight obesity? You can find programs that promote eating healthy and exercise. The beginning will be hardest, but just keep going to reach your goal.

I have pledged to be more active in the coming year. To fight the urge of being a couch potato and become healthier. Walking will be my starting point in fighting my obesity. Will a health crisis or how you look in the mirror push you to fight obesity?