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Are You On The Right Career Path?

By | source: Sep 9th, 2014

One should always take personal inventories to assess personal growth over time. We are all wanting to elevate our status and be better people than we are today. Dreams and goals are easy to make. Following through to achieve them is what’s difficult. The amount of time we take to find what we want to do with our lives is extensive. For most, that answer is found by living through life’s experiences.

But what if we could shorten that learning curve? We would have to start from within our own minds. This infographic sheds light on the subject of worker disengagement, and student’s lack of direction from the time they enter college. eLearners suggests that we save time and energy searching for what we want, by turning to our Myers-Briggs personality style results. Your personality is one of four basic types. From those four, your specific personality is accompanied by an ideal job.

It is only natural to do what comes instinctively. By acknowledging our inclinations, we can learn how to live more effectively. If you are in the area that feels most comfortable and compatible with your personality, then you are going to become an expert. As always, you know what is best for you. Give it some thought. Are you on the right career path? [via]