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How To Ask For A Raise (And Get It)

By | source:Here Apr 6th, 2020

Many of us have been there: You’ve been working for that same company for a considerable time and you have proven that you are responsible and skillful enough to handle that job (plus maybe even more!), but for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied with your current salary anymore.

That’s understandable! Prices and expenses rarely stay the same, why should you be comfortable earning the same?

Chances are that you’d rather not switch jobs—it’s tiresome, frustrating, and sometimes unpredictable—therefore your best bet is trying to ask for a raise at your current job. Of course, this can be equally stressful in its own way. A considerable percentage of workers feel uncomfortable asking for a raise because they don’t want to be perceived as pushy by their employers, and some of them fear losing their job because of it!

Fortunately, here’s a useful infographic you can use to both recognize that you are not alone in your concerns about asking for a raise, and to help you learn how to ask for the raise you deserve. It will even help teach you—I think this is a very important tip—the proper expectations while doing so.

I can only wish you luck if you do decide to put these tips to the test. Hopefully, even if you don’t successfully get that raise, you will manage to understand why or what went wrong, so you don’t feel bad about it. That way you can be even better informed next time!