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Jay founded Daily Infographic in college when he noticed there wasn't a place for infographic fans to view awesome data visualizations all in one place. Since starting Daily infographic, Jay has gone on to work in the agency world and is currently the CMO at Binocular, a design agency based in Austin, TX.

Favorite Color: Dark Blue

Most Beloved Possession: Dog

Drink of Choice: Old Fashioned

Best Superhero: Thor

Jay's Infographics

What the Hell is Tofu?

Feb 18,2011 added by 5.9k Food
Top Hackable Passwords Infographic

Top Hackable Passwords

Feb 11,2011 added by 4.5k Tech
Motorola XOOM vs Everyone Else Infographic

Motorola XOOM vs Everyone Else

Feb 8,2011 added by 2.3k Tech
History of the Super Bowl Infographic

The History of the Super Bowl

Feb 5,2011 added by 8.6k Sports