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Quarantine Beards That Work With A Mask

By | source:Here May 14th, 2020

Hello, guys. We need to talk. As hard as it can be to hear, there are some good reasons and bad reasons to shave our facial hair (be it the mustache or a beard). At the time of this writing, we’re still going through the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, and for many of us, this is the first time going through something of this magnitude. This is a good time for all of us to realize that our preferred facial hairstyle can actually contribute to keeping us healthy–or not.

In this specific case, we’re talking about the effectiveness of respirators (and by extent, different kinds of facemasks) depending on your preferred facial hairstyle. Most well-kept mustaches would easily fit themselves into the respirator, like the lampshade, the pencil, or (why not) the zorro. On the other hand, most beards don’t sit too comfortably on this list with the soul patch seemingly the only safe option…but is that considered a beard by any standards?

The goatee seems to be fine as well as long as you keep it firmly under control…to me, that’s just too much trouble. Anyway, if you’re in a situation that it is required for you to wear some kind of respirator or facemask, do keep this infographic in mind and find out if ol’ soup-strainer is actually letting something else beside soup into your system.