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The Best Productivity Apps To Manage Your Time

By | source:Here Oct 21st, 2018

Be more effective in every part of your day with these 20 apps. That is if you manage not to get sucked into planning your productivity instead of being productive.

If you’re like most of us, then you’ve probably found yourself at the end of the day wondering where the time went.

Between checking incessant emails, constant interruptions by your coworkers, that call from your family, and the nagging in the back of your head reminding you of the next 20 things to do… well, it’s no surprise we aren’t reaching our fullest potential.

I think that feeling of being genuinely accomplished at the end of a workday should become routine, and not something that happens once in a blue moon. So how can you improve your productivity levels? There are more than a hundred ways to accomplish this, but here are just a few to get you started:

  • Start with the worst tasks first. Apps like Trello and Google Assistant help you visualize where to start.
  • Ditch time-suckers. These are those commitments you agreed to but don’t want to do. Thus you keep postponing them. Use communication apps and time calculators to determine if those commitments are worth the time.  Figure out how to rescue time by tracking your time and seeing where it goes.
  • Speaking of commitments, learn to say no. If you’re simply too busy to go on that 2-week trip, then say so! If your reasons are valid, no one should have the right to question your decisions.

It’s probably no surprise that most of the popular mobile phone apps in the last 5 years result in more loss of productivity than gains.  Think about it this way though, if you save yourself a few extra hours a day, you’ll have more time to play also!