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Best Ranked Countries For Women In The Workforce

By | source:Here Oct 9th, 2019

Which countries are best suited for women who are in the workforce? PwC’s Women in Work Index 2019 released its findings before March 2019’s International Women’s Day. The infographic covers 33 countries selected by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Some of the factors that contributed to the findings include equality of earnings, job security, and access to employment opportunitiesThis information from PwC was compiled by Forbes and Statista to assess where women’s workplace equality ranks on a global level.

Beyond being an important issue of equality, the research also noted the potential economic benefits (we’re talking trillions of dollars here) should the OECD nations mimic those nations that ranked highest. Since women make up a little over half of the global population, having them in the workforce can greatly help boost any country’s economy. Forbes estimates that the collective GDP would increase by more than $6 trillion if all of the OECD countries followed Sweden’s lead as the best-ranked country for women in the workplace.

When put that way, it makes it difficult to understand why more countries aren’t trying to emulate Sweden’s shining example. Check out today’s infographic to find out where your country ranks on a global equality scale.