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Can Tech Save Us from Global Warming?

By | Jul 25th, 2016

Even if we stop human activities from putting any more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere tomorrow, we’re still going to have a rough ride.

The amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and the like that are already in the atmosphere is staggering. The heat they trap isn’t just warming the earth, it’s affecting the climate and making the weather go a bit nuts. We’re not even surprised anymore when there’s flooding somewhere at a time of the year when they’ve never got floods before. Unpredictable is the new predictable.

But what can we do? Well, some people have some ideas. Some of them sound pretty crazy, like tossing moon dust around to block solar radiation, but that might actually be one of the cheaper and more reasonable options. Moon dust is free, after all, and you’ve only got to transport the dust kicking machine to the moon once. Space mirrors are much more of a bother, and seeding the atmosphere with sulfur sounds super gross. Painting the roof white is nice and simple and I hope we see more of that.

I know you’re already worried about global warming, but do you know how it’s most likely to affect your everyday life? We’ve got an infographic on A Day in the Life of Global Warming that will let you know what to enjoy while you can.