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Consumers and the Connected Car

By | source:Spireon Mar 3rd, 2016

The connected car is the future whether you like it, or not. Wifi hotspots, GPS, and autopilot features are just a few of the features of having a connected car. The options to equip an after market vehicle with connected technologies is getting easier as well.

There’s no more need to buy the brand-new luxury vehicle in order to take advantage of luxury benefits. Speaking of benefits, safety is one of the most important factors of a connected car.

Besides the obvious autopilot features, having an emergency call system in place is literally a lifesaver. Improving maintenance diagnosis and convenience is also some of the more popular features. Consider never having to remember where you parked, your smartphone app will lead you there no problem.

The way we experience a car ride is going to be changing drastically over the next few decades. Once your hydrogen powered, self-driving car is connected the possibilities are endless.