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The Ultimate Copywriting Cheat Sheet For Social Media

By | source:Here Aug 29th, 2018

With the dawn of the internet, digital marketing has become a race to dominant several social platforms. With the rise of different mediums, sharing an identical message on every network just won’t cut it.

Today’s infographic is about nailing the right length, tone, and text for every digital channel while ensuring that your campaign reaches a significant audience.

From email promo to newsletters, blogs to social networking, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, each social media platform has different requirements. Why? The answer is simple: different people are using them.

Instagram users need amazing visuals. Ramp up marketing by promoting stunning pictures and videos, while keeping the copy short and sweet. On the other hand, blog posts need to be lengthier: over 1000 words. Use your content to tell a story, show your personality, provide value and engage readers.

Research hashtags before use. Certain social media platforms require hashtags for social reach, while you may risk appearing as though you’ve forgotten which platform you are on by adding hashtags on others.  Tread carefully and know your audience.

In the end, the key is adapting your content and your brand to the platforms you’ll be using. If you’re targeting other businesses,  LinkedIn is a powerful option. For consumers Snapchat may be right up your alley. Reach the right target audience through email marketing and blogging.

Search engine optimization is a must, regardless of the platform you’re using. If people can’t find you, then there’s no way your campaigns will stick out in memory! Make sure you hit the right keywords, and it will be that much easier for others to discover you in a sea of online content.