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Weird Ways COVID-19 Changed How We Shop

By | source:Here Aug 15th, 2020

Since online shopping is not new to us, you might think more people are buying online, but the items we shop for haven’t changed much…at least until COVID-19.  Just how affected are consumers’ buying choices by COVID-19? This infographic displays the remarkable changes in purchase trends by showing the top ten increases in shopping categories, as well as the top ten decreases in shopping segments from March 2019 to March 2020.  

Not surprisingly, both the increased and decreased categories largely reflect that people are staying at home. Decreased shopping in luggage, briefcases, cameras, swimwear, and formal wear are all directly related to social distancing. Increases in bread machines, prepackaged pantry staples (such as soups, dried grains & rice, packaged foods, and fruit cups), milk and cream, and dish-washing supplies are a direct result of more people eating their meals at home.      

One of the more unexpected increases in categories is weight training. Due to COVID-19, people are taking this time at home to focus on their health and well-being. Ironically while working on their health at home, encompassed in the most rapidly declining categories are “social” fitness-related activities, including gym bags, rash guards, and boys’ athletic shoes.  

Whether these changes are a sign of the “now normal” or the “new normal,” only time will tell. For more detailed information on the winning and diminishing categories, check out the infographic and see where your purchases stack up.