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Craft Beer & Women [Interactive Infographic]

By | source: Sep 19th, 2014

Do you ever find yourself sitting around enjoying one of New Belgium’s Fat Tire Amber Ales? Or maybe Full Sail’s IPA? Can you believe those breweries are owned by women? Well, get over it. Women have been brewing beer far longer than men. Women almost exclusively brewed beer until the Industrial Revolution, and they were using all different kind of grains and recipes. A lot like craft breweries now.

In recent years, women 18 to 34 years old have taken to beer as their choice of drink, beating out the normal favorite of white wine. Good riddance. White wine pales in comparison to the variety, quality, and taste of a good craft beer. Women know what’s up, and that’s why they’re supporting each other within the craft beer industry. Organizations like The Pink Boot Society and Barley’s Angels help represent and educate gals who brew.

With 30 percent of those employed in the craft beer industry being women, one can expect a lot more delicious specialty booze. I welcome the growth of women in the beer industry with open arms. More talented brewers equals more amazing craft beer. If you can’t get over the fact that a women might be the genius behind your favorite brew, may I recommend you give white wine a try? [CraftBeerWomen]

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