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Crime and Punishment

By | source: Jul 17th, 2012

Crime is a large issue, regardless of what city you live in. High crime rates are obviously scary, but crime can strike anyone at any time, regardless of the statistics. Anyone can become one of those little figures in the equation. This infographic sites important information regarding crime, including how often homes get broken into (every three seconds) and how frequent various kinds of assaults occur (every 20 seconds for violent crime, every 35 seconds for aggravated assault.

While these facts are scary and a bit debilitating, the infographic also sites ways to stay on top of crime. Families need to stay protected. Knowing where your children are is a key component to safety. Have a trusting relationship with your child, be prepared for disasters and communicate safety concerns to your children.

Infographers, how do you keep your children safe? [Via]