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Die Hard by the Numbers… America’s Favorite Christmas Movie?

By | source:Here Dec 27th, 2021

When Die Hard came out in 1988 it was immediately a big hit, but was it a Christmas movie?

Die Hard was released on July 15, 1988 and starred Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis was coming into his prime as an action star at the time of release, and the success of this film really solidified his place.

Die Hard would go on to have two follow up films that came out in the next few years, and a 4th and 5th film coming out 2 decades later.

Why is Die Hard Considered a Christmas Movie?

The main reason this action thriller is considered an Christmas movie is because the film takes place in the skyscraper that begins with a company Christmas party on Christmas eve. This sets the scene for the mayhem that unfolds throughout the rest of the movie.

Another reason is that there is Christmas music throughout the film. Add in the fact that 1.3 million Americans watched Die Hard on Christmas eve of 2016 and you have a pretty strong case for calling this action classic a Christmas movie.

Die Hard by the Numbers

  • John McClane (Bruce Willis) spent 11 years in the NYPD
  • 3 cars are destroyed in the film
  • 36 hostages are saved
  • 22 enemies are taken down
  • The “F word” is used 39 times
  • $640,000,000 is what Hans Gruber (the bad guy) is after
  • John McClane lands 16 punches and 1 headbutt
  • John sustains injuries to his head (used to break a wall), his shoulder (shot), and his foot (steps on broken glass).
  • John crawls 53 feet in an air duct.

While it is not your typical Christmas movie, it is definitely a nice change up to the standard fare of holiday viewing.