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Dog World Records

By | source:Via Apr 30th, 2014

You know what I like about dogs? Everything. Dogs are the most innocent, and pure creatures on this planet. Even when a dog poops inside, it does so out of love- in a way that we humans cannot even begin to understand. You’ve got to love dogs- if you don’t I’m pretty sure you’re a serial killer or something.

Anyway- what could be even greater than dogs? There are many answers: hugging a dog, petting a dog, and giving a dog peanut butter. But there is one answer that is better than the rest- a piece of gold that stands out amongst the silver. That is World Records by dogs!  If there were a Guinness Book of Dog World Records, I would read that book over and over again, and throw down at least $39.95 for it.

There are so many things that certain dogs have been the best at among dogs! For instance: Brandy, a Boxer from the good ol’ USA had the longest tongue ever at 43cm, that’s over a foot! The tallest dog ever was none other than Giant George, a Great Dane also from the United States. There are dozens of dogs that have earned the right to carve their names into the Milkbone Cathedral (that’s not a real thing but I’m making it one as soon as I have the money). Read today’s infographic and learn about the greatest canines in the world.