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Don’t Drink and Tweet

By | source: Nov 4th, 2013

Scenario: it’s another weekend night, so it’s time for you and your friends to go out and have some fun, nothing out of the ordinary. You’re having a good time hanging out, kicking back and occasionally checking your phone for time, texts, status updates or what have you; you’re probably not thinking about your past relationships at all. But then you knock one or six drinks back and suddenly that glorious machine in your hand holds some new-found power: you’re going to tell your ex just exactly what you think about them and you’ll be damned if the rest of the world doesn’t know too.

Most of us have probably been in a similar situation with phones/social media and alcohol, and man is that next morning ever terrible. Running clean-up on embarrassing social situations can be bad enough, but doing so with a hangover, knowing full well you may have just burned some bridges? No thank you.

Today’s graphic from gives us a few examples of why you should probably put either the phone or the drink down if you’ve already had a few. Drunk dialing, while no less embarrassing, was so much simpler before the smartphone and social media. You have a few, make a bad call, then never speak to the person again (probably). With things like Facebook and Twitter, though, now you’ve got a magical megaphone to broadcast all of those sloppy emotions to everyone you know, and no one wants to see that.

For more, have a look at the graphic below. [Via]