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Crazy Ways Emoticons Boost Team Productivity

By | source:Here Jul 23rd, 2019

Emojis are life when it comes to posting on social media or texting friends and family, but in a work environment? Get your smileys ready, too!

Emojis have become so ubiquitous that the “language” is becoming an essential part of workplace communication and team culture.

These faces let you relate better to your audience, but are also a way to establish an emotional connection with other teammates. Of course, if you have a good emotional connection with the team, everybody feels closer, more connected, and happier in their role.

Emojis are so effective because we react to them as we would to an actual human face. Really! The round face of emojis gives us the unconscious feeling that we’re actually “talking” face to face with the rest of the team. The older variant “:-)” works as well, although it isn’t as effective as the newer ones.

In a work setting, adding emojis won’t affect credibility, and instead will strengthen your bond with the team. Emojis can serve to get across the nuances in workplace communication by clarifying your tone of voice, answering more quickly and efficiently, and building rapport.

So, unless you use them inappropriately (no flirting please!), emojis are a great addition to the workplace.