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A Gentle Guide To Emotional Self-Care

By | source:Here Dec 7th, 2019

Everyone gets overwhelmed occasionally. For some, getting overwhelmed happens more frequently (myself included) which can lead to stress and plenty of other negative emotions. Not only does it affect you but it can affect your personal relationships, school, and work.  

It is important for all of us to practice self-care. Sometimes this means taking a day off to relax and treat yourself. This is also important, but let’s talk about the daily things we do to take care of ourselves and our emotions. By this, I mean creating our own culture of how we want to live our life. 

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to create boundaries, not only for other people but also for yourself. I began to stress way less when I set boundaries for myself to make sure I complete all of my work on certain days before I go out or watch TV. This made it so I got my important tasks done on time and didn’t end up leaving it all for one day where I would become super stressed about it. 

You don’t need to change all of your habits to practice emotional self-care. There are easy ways to take care of yourself just by practicing being mindful. It’s easy to go day to day and just perform the motions, but it’s beneficial to your wellbeing to really think about what you’re doing and why. Sometimes just taking a deep breath does the trick!  

And remember, only you are the most qualified to take care of yourself.