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Esports Wants YOU To Play!

By | source:Here Mar 22nd, 2019

Along with social media use, it’s not surprising to find hordes of people gathering for online gameplay.  The eSports platform is a rapidly expanding business that’s now worth a whopping $1.9 billion!With such a steep growth curve, perhaps it’s time to learn some quick facts about this ecosystem.

With the introduction of a wide variety of games, eSports has roughly tripled its growth in the past 4 years.  As its popularity grows, so does interest from all types of sponsors and investors. Additionally, as financing grows, so does optimism from potential contest winners.

But who exactly are these players and what games do they play?  Online gamers come in shapes and sizes, with the dominant age group being between 21-35.  This may come as quite a surprise, as most of the voices you hear on your headset, are those of angry 8-year-olds.  With streaming games making their presence felt in recent months, Fortnite and League of Legends have been the preferred choices by gamers.  

Regardless of age, location, or any other factor, online gaming is here to bring people together to beat each other to a pulp in the virtual space.  You’ll find that eSports takes the perfect video game to another level.   The downside? 10-year-old kids are yelling obscenities that go unpunished. For now at least.