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Exposé: The Skinny On College Athletics

By | source: Oct 29th, 2011

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Many would suggest college football is one of the few cash crops remaining in our great country. The coach standing on the sideline overseeing the field work of his subservient while, like 21st century Roman spectators, we watch from bars and couches and stadium seats as modern day gladiators battle for collegiate supremacy. And how do we justify the means of watching sometimes barbaric human on human conquests? “They’re living the life, being treated like royalty, just ballin'” is $#*! my dad would say. But after reading the infographic below, you will see that this ideology may not be as valid as it seems.

In fact, more than 300 student athletes signed a petition to change the current system so that they receive some of the revenue acquired in this billion dollar industry. Being a budding socialite, I do know a few student athletes and they don’t seem to have it too bad. But considering the time, effort, and toll sports take on your body, would it be unreasonable to give these students a few more greenbacks for representing their school on a week to week basis? How would you feel to have a video game character made in your exact image, donning the same number as yourself, but not receiving a dime from it? The EA NCAA Football series consistently makes bank by giving gamers the ability to play as their favorite student athlete minus the athleteâ??s name. To the athletes, the latter of that sentence sounds more like no name, no paycheck. Sly move, EA. To some, being in a video game would be fine, even with no pay. I’m not advocating schools dish out money to student athletes, but I’m not completely against it. Whether you’re on or off it, there’s a battle brewing over the field. What side are you on? [Online Masters Degree]