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Fool Proof Blackjack Strategy

By | source:CasinosOnline Oct 1st, 2015

I visited my first casino only around a year ago and had a blast. It was in Las Vegas, so what do you expect, of course I had fun. Minus the extremely hot and dry weather, Vegas was fantastic.

As a beginner gambler I stuck mostly to roulette. Playing either black or red, but ended up playing some single numbers as well. Another game fit for starters is BlackJack, although there is quite a bit of skill involved for the more experienced.

Most people know that the name of the game is to get to 21 without busting, or going over. Today’s graphic covers the basics of blackjack, but also the not-so-common ‘split’ where a player can split their hand into two.

Blackjack is a classic game for casinos, I just wish I had a place local to go play myself.