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From Stunning Sable to Beautiful Bongo: Top 16 Most Elegant Antelope in Africa

By | source:Here May 6th, 2023


Africa abounds with elegant antelope, but do you know your gemsbok from your gerenuk? Can you tell a bongo and a bontebok apart?

Worry not, because this informative, easy-to-digest infographic showcases the most stunning species that call Africa home. 

Combining beautiful photos for easy identification with fun facts, dimensions, and distinguishing features, you’ll be a certified African antelope expert by the time you’re done.

Antelope are synonymous with Africa, and for good reason – more species live on the continent than anywhere else. Many people set off on safari expecting to see antelope, but even the biggest wildlife enthusiasts may be surprised at just how diverse this group of animals is.

Of course, there are the more common species – huge herds of impala gathered on the grasslands, or stiff-legged springbok ‘pronking’ past your vehicle with their distinctive leaping displays. You could be forgiven for being immune to an antelope’s charms after seeing so many. 

Yet that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to these hoofed herbivores. There are a staggering 72 species of African antelope, coming in all shapes and sizes and occupying a range of different niches. 

You may spot several of them from your safari vehicle, but others can be more elusive. 

Desert dwelling gemsbok tread through the sands of the Kalahari, while nimble klipspringers leap effortlessly across rocky terrain. 

Giraffe-like gerenuk stand on their hind legs to browse the upper branches, their long necks helping them access acacia leaves.

The shy and secretive bongo moves through dense forest at night, its striped camouflage blending into its surroundings.

Even an antelope’s horns vary greatly from one species to another. Some stand straight, some curve in different directions, while others twist in stunning spirals. 

Life is tough when you’re a herbivore living in an area packed with predators. Everyone loves to see the charismatic big cats, but it can be just as fascinating watching African antelope evade these cunning carnivores, and learning how they vie for survival in harsh environments.

Any list ranking the most elegant antelope will be subjective, but these 16 species are some of the finest examples of their kind. Whether it’s distinctive facial markings, striking sets of stripes, or richly coloured coats, these beautiful bovids all deserve a share of the spotlight.

Which antelope can sprint at 90 kilometres per hour? Which measures almost 3.5 metres in length? And which was once extinct in the wild? 

Find out the answers to all those questions, and much more, in the above infographic. 

This amazing African antelope infographic was originally published on Africa Freak.