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Fruits/Vegetables/Herbs: When Are They In Season?

By | Jun 30th, 2012

As the industrial and economic age of technology has evolved, so has the availability of food year-round. In fact, much of the produce found in giant supermarkets are now almost omnipresent. But to accept that these foods are of the utmost quality and quantity (by which I mean $) year-round is quite a fallacy. If you find yourself eating strawberries around Christmas time for instance, it’s most likely those strawberries were picked well over half a year ago and stored in some facility to keep until you bought them at your market. So what’s the problem? Why is it bad to eat any fruit I want, whenever I want?

Well, while there might not be anything incredibly wrong with it, if you buy your produce by the season, the chances that your fruits and vegetables being much cheaper, fresher, and tastier is much more likely. There’s a reason why most restaurants around the world buy by the season. Also, something is lost in both the flavor and nutrients when you artificially keep these foods ‘alive’ for that long. P.S. for all of you environmentally conscious folks, the carbon footprint that is produced from shipping and storing these fruits and vegetables year-round is quite substantial. So go ahead and visit your local produce market co-op farmers market community garden whatever and get some EATS! Or even better, grow your own!

*check out these cool infographics (btw to remove confusion, these seasons correspond to the Northern Hemisphere), it seems they are available as posters as well!