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How To Be The Funniest Person In Your Social Circle

By | source:Here Feb 3rd, 2019

Are you a master of comedy? Or do you struggle with even the most basic knock-knock jokes? If the latter sounds more like you, here’s how to be the funniest person in your social circle. Besides being fun, joking can be a key social skill, especially when it comes to making new friends. Even though a lot of people consider themselves social, striking up friendships can be tricky.

Even more, making new friends can be as hard as finding romantic love. To pick a new pal who we connect with and to keep in touch is a hard task. But that’s no reason to resign ourselves to a lifetime of solitude. Here’s what you can do to get yourself some new pals and keep your old ones happy and close to your heart:

  • Follow your interests: You’re more likely to find people you click with when you participate in activities you like.
  • Foster intimacy: Talk about something more profound than the yucky weather!
  • Be persistent: Friends also need to be pursued, just like you would do with a crush.
  • Smile: An oldie but goodie. Smiling makes you feel closer to others, and vice-versa!

With a happy smile and these tips to lighten up conversations, you’ll feel happier and more confident. Plus, others will perceive you as friendly and open to talking. It’s a win-win!

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