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The Unique Role Of Technology In Gen Alpha’s Lives

By | source:Here Jan 14th, 2021

Generation Alpha is the most recent generation. Yet, even though they are all under 12, almost all Gen Alpha kids are more proficient in technology than their Millennial parents. In fact, only 2% of the children in this generation do not use any modern technologies!

Many parents agree that children under 12 should not be receiving smartphones, but a lot of parents still argue that technology is a good tool to help raise kids. This is reflected in the stats: 34% of parents use technology to calm their kids down, and 61% use it to ‘babysit’!

However, there are still many risks to technology. Exposure to adult content, cyberbullying, identity theft, and the risk of screen addiction are all problems parents try to save their kids from. Adult supervision, reducing screen time, and even content filters are all methods that parents are using (to find out how to apply content filters, click here!).

As kids are spending more time online, their relationships are also moving away from the physical world. Almost a quarter of all Generation Alpha kids are spending more time online socializing with their friends than in person, and this may have worsening effects on their future, in-person relationships. This has a good side too, though, as over 50% of Generation Alpha parents believe technology helps their children stay connected with their friends in some way or another. 87% of these parents also state that technology helps their kids do well across various subjects in school.