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An Ultimate Guide For Marketing To Gen Z

By | source:Here Sep 2nd, 2019

It’s a brave new world for marketing, and the rules of well-executed millennial-centered campaigns no longer apply. Gen Zers aren’t willing to just click on your ad and follow your brand to the throes of death just because. Gen Zers are a marketing challenge while being a generation whose growing spending power is almost $200 billion.

If you want to dive into this sea of college-aged people with their ultra-discerning eye, congrats! You’re heading in the right direction! Gen Z is the future, and they are revolutionizing the world in ways people are just beginning to grasp.

According to several studies, Gen Zers discard online ads three seconds faster than Millennials. This is a generation that was born into the internet, they own it, and they know its ins and outs. They apply ad-blocking tech like they apply sunblock on holidays.

Many brands wonder how to engage people with an 8-second attention span. In short, brands have to stop looking at Gen Zers only as consumers and start seeing them also as collaborators. This is a generation of wizards of ROI who could become your brand ambassadors.

To achieve that, you need to offer them something beyond a simple product: you must offer them an experience. In a world of social media and instant rewards, Gen Zers want a brand to make them feel. Are you up for this challenge?