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Get in the Innovation Fast Lane

By | source: Jun 16th, 2014

What is your great idea? Spray on shoes? Underwater smoothie machines? Maybe something as simple as edible toilet paper. No matter what your idea is somewhere along the line you will have to change your business model in order to be more efficient, and look better to the customer. The customer is always right. Why not believe that from the beginning? Before you even start your company just imagine that the consumer is leading your every decision, in the end the consumer is your boss.

This infographic gives 4 great steps to innovate by listening closely to what the consumer really wants. Getting to know what tickles your audiences’ fancy before trying to force them to believe that they need what youâ??re selling is essential. Mold what you want them to buy around what they already do. Focus on what the consumer needs. Often people get so into their schedule that they donâ??t even realize that they are lacking something. Instead of focusing on the physical function of your product, focus on how the product will emotionally help the consumer. Of course the best way to acquire a potential customerâ??s attention is to be different. Find something about your product that really makes it unique from other products.

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