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Get The Idyllic Cottage Garden You’ve Always Wanted

By | source:Here Jan 18th, 2019

You can picture the scene: a charming cottage in the countryside- maybe in England, perhaps in Provence. At the front, there’s a rustic gate, and behind it, a sprawling garden. What if that could be your garden, wherever you live?

This isn’t the stuff of fantasy—it’s a reality. While many urban dwellers are turning to container gardens to grow vegetables and flowers, those with a bit more garden space to play with can easily recreate the look of a lush cottage garden with this straightforward guide.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, the best way to achieve a cottage garden is not to plan one. You read that correctly. An overly prepared, perfectly laid out, symmetrical garden won’t give you the wild, natural effect that you want. Instead, try scattering seeds like wildflower seeds might fly in the wind, and focus on colorful, tall plants like California poppies and cornflowers.

The eyes aren’t the only sense that you use when you experience a garden, so you’ll need to think about filling your cottage garden with beautiful scents, too. English lavender and night-scented stock will perfume your entire garden space, immediately transporting you to a more rural location. Ultimately, there are no rules- as long as you let your intuition guide you, you’ll have the garden of your dreams in no time.