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Get Your Soup On

By | source: Nov 22nd, 2013

Soup is about as diverse a food as you get. Hot or cold, spicy or mild, vegan, or filled with meat, soup can appeal to everyone. Soup can have a very high price, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the most expensive bowl of soup the market today is served at Kai Mayfair restaurant in London, UK. This soup is called Buddha Jumps Over the Wall and contains sharkâ??s fin, abalone, Japanese flower mushroom, sea cucumber, dried scallops, chicken, huan ham, pork and ginseng. This dish even has to be pre-ordered 5 days in advance, because it is so intense. Otherwise soup can be very cheap, and easily made in bulk to feed numerous people in Soup Kitchens.

As a matter of fact, I am hosting my own soup kitchen tonight. I spent $30 on 3 large pots of delicious soup. Unfortunately this kitchen was advertised to the party hungry college students of San Marcos, TX and not the poor who really need it. We will be feeding these hooligans hunger with both an amazing â??The Great Depressionâ? themed party, and with the following glorious soups Tortilla soup, AMAZING Black bean and sweet potato soup, and SPICY lentil soup . Please readers, if you find yourself hungry for company or soup in San Marcos, TX today shoot me a message on Facebook and Iâ??ll tell you where to get some â??Bomb Ass Soupâ?.