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Getting an In-Depth Look at Depression

By | source:Mental Health Screening Jun 3rd, 2015

Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Some of the major causes of depression include abuse, certain medications, conflict, death or a loss, genetics, major events, other personal problems, serious illnesses, and substance abuse. Depression affects people in different ways, in different levels, and at different times. This infographic goes into the meaning of depression.

The infographic contains a lot of information that must be carefully read. Depression affects 17 – 20 million Americans each year and one in eight women develop depression in their lives. Also, men fail to recognize they are depressed and fail to get any attention. You’re not alone in feeling depressed, because countless others have the same feelings. Depression is treatable through medication, exercise, diet, sleep, support and stress reduction.

Feeling depressed is a natural feeling everyone goes through. We need to be vigilant to recognize that depression occurs, and steps are needed to be taken to surpass the depression. I searched for this information because I’m feeling depressed over the lack of employment. I realize feeling depressed is normal and I have taken steps to overcome these feelings. The key is to recognize your depression and then take the appropriate steps to combat it.