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Getting Around

By | source: Feb 21st, 2011

Happy Monday to all you infographic readers out there! It’s time to buckle up those boot straps and get to work ladies and gentlemen. I present today’s infographic to try and make time pass a little quicker for you. No matter your job, hobby, or whatever, everyone gets around town one way or another.

Today’s infographic presents us with an array of different modes of transportation. Personally, I get around with my black Nissan Sentra. Although it may not be a flashy car, it gets me to work, school, home, and wherever else I need to go. The United States of America by no means has a good public transportation system, but other countries have proven public transportation can actually be good. Things like buses, subways, and trains are more fuel efficient and allow more people to ride them than individual vehicles.

As we see in today’s infographic France has the fastest train at 320 mph, and this was very surprising to me. I had assumed Japan would have the fastest trains considering they have the bullet train. Also provided in today’s infographic is an interesting fact about bicycles: as it turns out bicycles are the most common form of transportation, though not the most unusual among the list. If I could, I would trade my Huffy for any of the animals on the list. Riding a horse of elephant to work would be amazing, you would never have to worry about parking. With a horse you could tie him/her to any tree, while an elephant could simply crush any car in the way. [via]

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