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Gold is From Space & Other Facts

By | source: Jul 3rd, 2013

Lots of things come from space. Meteors, the moon, the sun, us… Oh wait, we are in space aren’t we? Well, I guess generally everything comes from space, so the title of this infographic didn’t really surprise me very much. What did surprise me though, is the fact that there is enough of it in Earth’s core to pave the entire planet in one and a half feet of pure gold. So much for the city of gold, how ’bout a PLANET OF GOLD?! I think those prospecters from Deadwood and California would go ape if they heard that. The only downside with the gold in the core is that it is completely unnattainable due to the extreme heat. But that’s where 99% of the stuff is. I guess that dream will never come to fruition. Sorry prospectors…

I think that the endgame in this infographic is that gold is still a rare object worth investing in. The value of gold has risen 12 years in a row for christ sake! Also, inflation barely touches this value. In fact, the overall correlation between gold and inflation since 1987 is 0.08. So, I’m off to buy some sifting materials and pick axes. I’ll see you on the prospecting site! (Don’t actually do this, but maybe think about buying gold.)

[Scottsdale Bullion and Coin]