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Happy Feet Make For Happy Medical Professionals

By | source: Sep 24th, 2014

Professions in the medical field often demand long hours while standing. This infographic goes into which shoes are used most often in the field, and why they are the best. According to Uniform Advantage, people pick shoes by three categories – style, functionality, and comfort. Many medical professions can be physically demanding, which is why medical professionals prioritize with functionality in mind.

The human foot is one of the most structurally-complex parts of the human body. With 26 bones in each foot, the feet are home to 25 percent of the body’s bones. Nurses and other medical professionals spend 11 of their 12-hour shift on their feet, so remembering to take care of our feet friends, by getting some cozy compression socks and seeking items with the approval of the APMA, is of utmost priority.

The feet and the pressure they carry effect other parts of your body. If you haven’t already, you should probably get to know your feet and what they need. What you ought to do is consult your neighborhood podiatrist, and find the ideal shoe for you. But before you go, familiarize yourself with a bit of foot type lingo to help you get a better idea of what you need. The arch and the instep are probably two of the most important parts of your feet.  Your instep is how your foot turns inward.

Uniform Advantage wants to help you get closer to finding your perfect work shoe for your long standing shifts. Visit the sources listed to learn more. [via]