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How To Drink Alcohol And Still Lose Weight

By | source:Here Feb 18th, 2018

Going out seems impossible when you’re on a diet. After all, fitness is all about eating your veggies and avoiding unnecessary calories. Or is it?
It turns out partying with friends and having a few drinks isn’t going to throw away all your efforts if you do it wisely.

First things first: one calorie-laden food isn’t going to destroy your fitness journey. After all, you won’t get instantly healthy after eating a single salad, and you won’t destroy your progress by choosing to treat yourself. The key is enjoying everything in moderation.

Whether you’re bar-hopping or ordering a drink at a restaurant, beware of hidden calories: You should make sure you know everything going into your cocktail. You can also change up the way you splurge. If you’d rather go all out and choose a big hamburger, pick a healthier drink, and if you’re choosing a modest meal, feel free to indulge on your drink of choice.

Your best choice for getting tipsy and still developing a hot bod? Go for hard liquor: After all, vodka is the drink of choice for supermodels, so follow in their footsteps! You can also order whiskey, gin or rum. If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, memorize some healthy choices from this infographic and you’ll be fine. Now that you know what to pick, have fun and stay safe!