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By | source: Apr 2nd, 2013

After a large, large slump, the housing market is on the rebound. House prices are finally rising and a few markets appear to be headed in a strong and healthy direction for 2013. We are finally moving in a positive direction!

Today's infographic profiles ten all-star cities that are sitting pretty in the 2013 housing market. By analyzing median house and rent prices in cities with strong job markets and low vacancy rates, a solid list of cities emerge. This list is a great reference, with valuable information about each city and and plenty of financials to boot. While I am not looking to buy a home in the near, or even semi-near future, I will be keeping some of these cities in the back of my mind.

As a current Texas resident, I am pleased to see four of our fair cities on the list, including Austin, the fairest of them all. Looks like this might just be a good place to stay put, don't you think?

The list includes San Fransisco, Seattle, and Omaha, among others. I you are planning a big move to one of these cities, give today's infographic a quick read! [Via]

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