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Surprising Things You Need To Know About Home Security

By | source:Here Nov 9th, 2019

We all believe our homes are the safest place on earth, but what happens when that’s not the case? Here’s the ultimate guide to keeping your home safe and sound.

We might not love thinking about it, but home burglaries happen all the time and you could be a target right now. Even apartments can be at risk! In fact, even though we might feel safer in the middle of the day, most home burglaries happen in the afternoon, between noon and 4 PM!

Burglars know their stuff: walking in a neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon is way less suspicious than doing so at midnight.

Even though statistically most homes are safe, according to a 2017 FBI statistic a new burglary happens in the US every 23 seconds! For me, that’s way too much.

Nevertheless, all is not lost and the stats are looking better by the decade. Since 2008, burglaries in the US have slowly dropped by around 40%, and property crime has decreased around 70% since 1993. Not too shabby!

If you want to keep your home safe at all times, check out today’s infographic. It gathers plenty of useful advice and stats that will give you peace of mind and a clear plan to blind your home from unwanted visitors.