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21 Home Styles From Around the World

By | source:Here Jul 30th, 2018

As boring as it may seem, I love watching home makeover shows. It’s fascinating to see before-and-afters, but I also enjoy seeing the existing design of a home. I sometimes wonder how architects and interior designers come up with home styles. Today, we’re going to look at 21 house styles from around the world thanks to research from the team at RubberBond.

One of the most unique styles on this list is the Geodesic home from Norway. This home is a dome shape, which definitely means you’ll stand out. Geodesic homes weren’t sustainable until 2001, and it took a significant amount of research to perfect the style.

A house style you might see around older neighborhoods is the “Sears Catalogue” home. The name speaks for itself: Sears and other home stores sold “kit homes” in the 20th century to make it easier for homebuyers.

Nontraditional homes make the list as well. You may not think of an igloo as a type of house, but it’s used for shelter in Antartica. Peruse the graphic to figure out which style is your favorite. Home styles are also becoming more environmentally conscious as time goes on, so this infographic would likely look very different in 50 years. If you’re starting to consider buying a home, find out how far $500,000 will get you in different regions of the U.S.