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House Stain Remover Guide!

By | source: Mar 30th, 2014

Thereâ??s nothing worse than getting a stain on your favorite outfit. Stains can ruin dates, relationships, job opportunities, and lives. Sometimes finding that barbecue stain on your white tee shirt can be just as heart wrenching as the end of â??Old Yellerâ?. And whatâ??s more, is that not everyone has a bottle of shout or some other fancy stain remover laying around the house (looking at you, college kids).

What if I told you there was a way out? What if I told you, as your tears fall on that once-killer, now ketchup-stained denim jacket, there are numerous household solutions to tricky stains? Well, stop crying- because thatâ??s exactly what Iâ??m telling you. For instance, get rid of that urine stain (the one you blamed on the dog) with nothing but a little bit of vinegar and baking soda. What about coffee stains, the early morning vice of so many people? Simple, lightly rub it with a little bit of your nighttime vice- beer. Recently join a fight club? Itâ??s cool, I wonâ??t tell anyone. But it might be advantageous to know the home remedy for blood stains- rub the stain with cold water before washing. If you rub it with hot water, youâ??ll cook the protein and essentially create a permanent scab on those sick acid-wash jeans.

Whatever pesky stains are ruining your good time- there is most likely a way to remove them with everyday household products. If you canâ??t find a method that works for you in this infographic, then itâ??s probably an ugly outfit anyway and you should just throw it away. [Via]