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How Much Exercise Does It Take To Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Day Calories?

By | source: Nov 11th, 2014

Thanksgiving Day is not that far away and thoughts loom over the turkey and all its fixings. Thanksgiving Day is also a day to give thanks, enjoy time with friends and family, and watch football. It is also a day to reach to others who are in need. In the end, everyone will eat a whole lot of calories.

There are certain exercises you can do to prevent these calories from accumulating. Exercises like the Turkey Trots make it possible to indulge to your heart’s content without adding on those extra pounds. Another is joining a gym to exercise those pounds away.

This infographic shows how much exercise you need to do to burn off those calories. A half cup of homemade stuffing is 180 calories and equals to 30 minutes of Pilates. The delicious mashed potatoes and gravy is 300 calories and equals to 60 sets of 10 Burpees. (I looked up what a burpee was, and they looked hard to do.) Lastly a roll with butter – I like them fresh from the oven – is 180 calories and equals to 18 sets of 20 pushups.

Have fun and eat to your stomach’s content, but remember how much exercise it will take to burn those calories.