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How Small Businesses Should Advertise On Facebook

By | source:Here Jun 13th, 2017

Trying to capture the attention of consumers these days is near impossible.  Even walking down the street you’re bound to run into someone staring straight down at a phone.  

Advertising is constantly evolving to try to capture these fleeting eyeballs.   Not so long ago, the main options were the mainstream media, newspapers, radio shows, and regular old billboard and street advertising (but who even looks up to see signs anymore??).

One of the most popular ways to advertise today is through social media networks, Facebook in particular. TV commercials are expensive to produce and printing thousands of flyers just for them to end up in the wrong hands has become extremely unreliable and inefficient. That is where social media networks like Facebook come in.

Advertising on Facebook can be simple, and 95% of social media marketers believe Facebook gives them their best return of investment.  For small businesses with smaller marketing budgets, this type of marketing has also proven particularly attractive.

Many small businesses use Facebook because customers spend plenty of time on it.  If for some reason there are embarrassing photos on there, this is how to get rid of them.